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Add Daily Habits To Lift Your Spirits Everyday Day Starting Today

If you are like me, you probably have plenty of bad habits that don't help to bring enjoyment, clarity or fun into your life. So why not make some habits just for that reason! What good daily habits do you have already? As a mind-body nutrition coach I am always trying to break the rules. My own coach once told me there are two steps to breaking a bad habit. Step 1: You must identify the habit and the trigger.

Step 2: Replace it with a healthy activity. Simply? Easier said then done. For example, if you drink coffee and you would like to stop the habit you may replace it with hot tea.

Or we can just skip changing the bad habit and just add a good habit for the fun of it. Now here is the catcher. Make these habits something that you truly want. If you hear yourself saying?I should exercise more, I should eat better, I should -- you fill in the blank.STOP.That is not what this exercise is all about.

You are trying to add more joy into your life, not make more work for yourself. Remember your new habits are something you truly want! Make them something your truly want for yourself or for your future self. Some ideas are -- I want to email or call a friend each day, I want to practice yoga on a daily basis, I want to have dinner with the family every night.

Try this? Think back. What did you do for fun when you were 12? Do any of those activities still hold true today? Take time to ask yourself as if you were another person. I promise your intuition will never steer you wrong of your true desires.

So let's start with a clean piece of paper and start writing all possible habits you may want to add into your life. Start writing and don't stop writing for 15 minutes. Do it now! Do it today! After 15 minutes you should have a good size list. Now, take that list and look at each item. Ask yourself, is this something I would be interested in doing daily? Do I want to do this habit daily for my future self? Will this habit bring clarity, focus or fun into my life?.

Once you come up with the 5 new habits, then come up with a few rewards. This should not be nearly as hard as coming up with your new habits. Pedicure, manicure, gourmet dinner, you name it. Now, start a tally to hold yourself accountable. A simple check box method will do just fine. Predetermine what you reward will be.

And suddenly you have a list of 5 daily habits that will bring you daily enjoyment and fun to you each day. Start enjoying yourself!.

.I am an Expert Mind/Body Nutritionist.

I have a bachelor's degree in Human Nutrition and Foods from the Virginia Tech. I specialize in changing your mental thoughts to change your health and your body.In 2004, I took nutrition counseling to a different level, when I learned that counseling was more than just education and support. It all started with a client who wanted me to help her with fear of gaining weight. Within weeks my client began really making momentum in her life. Not just in her diet, but in all areas of her life.

Mind-Body Nutritionist Jen Blackert, "Jen eVice," is creator of 'Change Your Mind/Change Your Body' E-Course. To learn more about this step-by-step program, and to sign up for her FREE how-to Tips and Articles, visit http://nutrition.jenevice.


By: Jen Blackert

Grain Marketing

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