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Elder Abuse and Care

I am by no means an advocate, however I been privy to the Convalescent Care arena. I find the behavior by our so-called leaders and protectors completely and utterly atrocious. There are countless court cases of elder abuse. Abuses that in my opinion results primarily from neglect as well as a complete indifferent and apathetic view-point from what I would call second-rate care givers.

My limited experience in convalescent matters comes from helping Ila Swan with her mother, Rhoda Johnson. I was around 15-16 years old, and instead of going out and raising normal teenage 'havoc' I visited Ila's mother on an almost a daily occurrence. At first, I was just helping Ila out. But then, I started to enjoy spending time with Rhoda; listening to stories and experiences. Soon after becoming a regular visitor, Rhoda would refer to me as a 'great-grandson' which, I have to admit, made the visits more enjoyable.

Unfortunately, the luster of these visits soon made a turn for the worse; following complaints filled with the Department of Health Services, by Ila Swan. These, as well as, other fillings to a state senator, county grand jury and other agencies that were thought as 'resources' were made.By this time my eyes were truly opened by the atrocities I was witnessing; patients left in the hallways crying out for help, bedsores, patients being pushed into the dinning tables and having their fingers pinched in-between the table and wheel chair ? only to have the food so far away the patient couldn't reach the tray.While not all Convalescent facilities have the same track record, poor care and abuse is more prevalent than one would assume. I am bewildered by the lack of care for these individuals; as we all will one day be in their shoes.

We all should demand the proper care of our older friends and relatives. Additionally we must require our elected officials to enforce the proper care and handling of the convalescent population. It must be understood by these officials and the care-givers themselves that a convalescent facility is not housing for the dying but instead a place which cares for and ensures a person's dignity, health and overall well-being is the primary focus.

Of course this requires the scum who prey on the elderly for financial gains to be dethroned and dealt with in a proper manner, namely lengthily prison sentences.



By: Josh Jillson

Grain Marketing

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Elder Abuse and Care - I am by no means an advocate, however I been privy to the Convalescent Care arena.

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