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Angels in Our Midst

People often ask me how I choose and put together the topics I write about. I have to say; for the most part, it is you ~ the reader. My inspirations come from interesting people, good conversation, open-minded communications and socializing with great people who are placed in my path. I cannot take credit alone; I have my personal angels there for guidance and inspiration.

There will always and forever be the big question about whether things happen for a reason, or whether it is fate that places people in our paths. So fortunate are we to live in a country where we are free to believe, speak and live as we chose.All religions have their own concept of guardian angels.

It has been a belief that angels are 'messengers' between Heaven and Earth. Art and literature of the middle ages gave people the vision of angels that we see today; one of shining, glowing, floating and winged human forms. It was/is something to believe in, somewhere to turn to, someone to have faith in, unseen, that was there to protect and guide. Over time, technology has dulled mankind's senses to believing in the unseen. Science seems to want everything proven and true but in spite of that, more than half the population still finds comfort in a higher guidance.This time, my inspiration came from people's guardian angel shares.

I have heard different stories from life-altering, life-saving ones to finding a soul mate to a mistake avoided to 'awakening, light-bulb' moments to near death experiences where a bright light or angelic glow appeared. Often, the angel, to many people, is the earthly kind; human hero(s) whom influenced their lives in a positive way. Each and every one shares their story with deep emotion and gratitude that they are here to tell their story!.One particular story that stole my heart is 'Jessica's Story.

' A young girl, 18 years old, on her way to a friend's grad, just prior to her own graduation, undid her seat belt for 5 seconds take a picture, when the vehicle she was riding in rolled. Her first guardian angel made sure her duffel bag flew out ahead of her so she could land on it, save her life. She landed 5 feet from a railway track; a train went by 10 minutes later. An off duty first responder (another angel in disguise) was there to stop the bleeding in her head, saved her again. The angels did not stop there; this is what Jessica quotes, "While I was recovering at the hospital, people kept telling me how I had a lot of angels looking out for me.

It was then that I thought of my Pepez (Grandpa). He died in a car accident before I was born. I feel that he made sure that I would not have to miss out on the things that he had to. When I think of all the things that happened that day and what could have been, there's no doubt in my mind that he was present.

".Jessica experienced a long, tough journey of recovery, but made it to her own graduation 2 weeks later. In speaking with Jessica's mom, she shared emotionally for herself and her husband. The parents were always believers who just experienced a lot of growth, both in their faith and family ties.

They also gained a whole new appreciation of "life" and just how precious and fragile it is. She also said she was never one to think a lot about angels but believes, without a doubt, that there were many of them there that day!.Another story of interest is one that I coincidentally heard as I was in the presence of 2 fellows sharing their stories. One young man, a long haul trucker, emotionally related his story to his older brother.

Pushing a delivery in the late night hours, wake up pills not doing their job, he falls asleep at the wheel. He fell so hard asleep, head hanging to the steering wheel, to drooling point, was wakened with a SHOCK. He describes this 'shock' as a body coming up from the semi floor, smacked him so hard on the forehead, his head was pressed against the back of his seat, he was wide awake, scared, shocked, but still in the middle of the highway! He described this upper body human image to be one of long hair, mustache, Jesus-look.

The older brother instantly jumped in with, "think about it, who did it really look like? Bro' I think we both have the same guardian angel!" To make a long story short, after some emotional melt down, they both realized that this man they both idolized in their younger years and whom died tragically years before, had the same long hair and mustache. The older brother had experienced that saving spirit times before.The stories we hear are the survival stories; imagine the untold ones of loved ones gone before us. If it is that you believe they (loved ones gone before you) are the Angels in Our Midst, guiding and protecting, so be it.

Only our perception can determine the reality of our own circumstances. There are maybe a lot of things we could have done better in this life, but there is still so much more good we can do. We need to just look in the mirror, see the halo around our hearts, share what is special there; why wait for Heaven to be an angel when there are so many people needing us on earth?."We are each of us angels with only one wing and we can only fly by embracing one another.

" {Luciano de Crescenzo}.God bless you Jessica and drive safely young men!.


By: Audrey Lizee

Grain Marketing

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