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Federal Trade Commission Purposely Violates The Law Again - Well the Federal Trade Commission has lost two laptops filled with over 100 peoples personal information and identity.

Oil Company Profits Getting You Down A Plan is Needed Then - Many folks are calling for Wind Fall Profit Taxes on the Oil Companies, because they are making too much money as we pay these very high fuel prices.

Recognizing and Dealing With a Bailer - Copyright 2006 Vivian Banta.

Dating Hot Tips for Women Doing the Asking on Sadie Hawkins Day - Catch your man.

Are They Good in Bed - Last summer I started dating someone I was very attracted to.

Accelerating Audit Verification - Many businesses and corporations in the United States are required to be audited every year as part of the over regulation of America.

Charity Clothing Donations - It is often hard for the well provided population to visualize the condition of families who don't have enough clothes to keep themselves warm in winters or a decent dress to wear to a job interview.

What Should I Tell My Date About Me - Good question? When you first start dating it?s important to tell the person you?re dating important information about yourself before you get too deep into the relationship.

Get Lost - Have you ever felt so stressed you could jump out of your skin? Ever been so annoyed with someone (such as a boss, co-worker, or partner) that you wanted to ring their neck?.

Al Zarqawi Dead This is No Time for the Weak - The United States Military has once again proven it can get the job done and they have taken out Al Zarqawi the International Terrorists number one operational man, who had led the insurgents against the new Iraqi Government, Coalition Forces and.

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