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Oil Company Profits Getting You Down A Plan is Needed Then

Many folks are calling for Wind Fall Profit Taxes on the Oil Companies, because they are making too much money as we pay these very high fuel prices. Obviously no one has read Ayn Rand or understands free enterprise. And if the people want lower prices on fuel why don't you tell your elected representatives to get rid of some of the taxes on that fuel. States and Federal Government have way too much tax on the each gasoline sold.Additionally if people wish to complain about the high-prices then do something about it? For instance buy stock and use the money to fund writers and newsletters to make your points known.

Or better yet why don't you go get some investors and start your own oil company and go explore, drill, extract, refine and set up gasoline stations across America and then sell the product you produce as cheap as you want. You can set up your company any way you wish.You can try to get permission to drill, try to get your 250 million dollar Environmental Impact Reports EIRs approved. Then you can deal with all the over regulation from harassment from the Federal Trade Commission, SEC and Sarbaines Oxley Rules. Come on put your money where your mouth is?.You want lower prices for cars, then come up with new innovation to fuel our cars, trucks and SUVs.

Come on Chop, Chop, time is wasting! Re-think your petty ignorant thought process and jump back into reality with me. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

Grain Marketing

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