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Big Waves and Terrorists in Caves Controlling Your Fear

Every time we pick up a paper we see some article that points to some major problem in the world such as an Earthquake, Tsunami, International Terrorism, Y2K (yah remember that one?), Bird Flu, Iranian Atomic Bombs, Identity Theft, Homosexual Clubs on HS Campuses, Gasoline Prices, Stock Market Crash and or some Doom and Gloom about oceans rising, Atlantic Hurricane Season, Jet-Stream Changes, Global Warming, Climate Change; enough is enough and they still can't find our fellow Osama bin Laden who supposedly lives in some friggin cave? Yah right, for all we know the guy is on our payroll to keep putting out his cassettes and VHS recordings to scare us into more FEAR.Unfortunately all this fear takes its toll on a nation and a person and I see so many people living in fear thanks to the mass media hysteria and they have these folks glued to the Television set all fearful as the world marches on without them?.Imagine the vitamin drain on a body with that much stress, well that just cannot be good at all for their bio-systems. You know all this BS Fear is nothing more than some; Big Waves and one Terrorists who lives in a Cave.

I am here to tell you that you need to start controlling your Fear and not believe everything you hear. You see what I am saying? Vote For Lance.

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By: Lance Winslow

Grain Marketing

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