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Bird Spikes

Some animals are more lovable than others. Pandas certainly have an edge over rats, for example. Birds are especially lovable, particularly those with beautiful songs to sing. However, not everyone is as keen on birds as the rest of us. Poultry farmers need to keep vigil against any bird that may introduce bird flu to their premises.

Airports must also keep birds at bay in case they interfere with aircraft. And site managers are very aware of the damage that bird droppings can do to their buildings.Poultry Farms Those rearing poultry are on worldwide alert at the moment. Avian influenza - bird flu - has already spread great distances carried by infected birds landing amongst flocks. The virus is transmitted from the birds' saliva, faeces and nasal secretions. Surfaces and water can be infected just through contact.

Fowl that are kept outside are particularly vulnerable. Whereas other farm livestock tend to be kept in fields, poultry is often kept near to other buildings. This allows visiting birds a landing point near to the poultry and therefore time to settle before landing amongst it.

By fitting bird spikes to the roofs and guttering of these buildings the birds will quickly move on to another site. Bird spikes may not deter all varieties of bird and other precautions such as random noise generators and bird netting will also be required.Buildings Bird droppings can dry and turn to powder. This powder could find itself in the atmosphere of building grounds and even into the building itself, causing a health hazard. Apart from the possibility of avian flu transmission, it is known that bird excrement could cause various illnesses including cryptococcal meningitis. This is an inflammation of the brain and the spinal cord and can be fatal in some cases.

Bird droppings may also find their way into guttering. Some modern buildings will recycle rain water for use in fountains, irrigation and even in some cleaning operations. Inadvertent contact with this water could lead to disease. Bird droppings can also cause corrosion damage to buildings. The seriousness of this corrosion will depend on the material the building is made from, its age and the extent of bird activity. Damage to historical buildings is of particular concern, not just to the site management and owner, but to the wider public who may claim an interest in its welfare.

Once again, as part of a comprehensive program to minimise bird activity, bird spikes will need to be placed on roofs, in guttering and along some walls and even railings and signage.Airports Birds can be a serious hazard around airports. A bird sucked into a jet engine can cause it to shut down and may cause dangerous shards of metal to go flying in all directions.

An airplane that is taking off or landing is particularly vulnerable. Airports go to great lengths to minimise the amount of birds in the area. For example, you will not find fruit trees or bushes in the vicinity of an airport.

Buildings within the grounds of the airport will be landing points for birds. As part of wider control measures to minimise avian activity, bird spikes will be found on many roofs of buildings within the airport grounds as well as on walls, railings and signage.It is all very well keeping birds away from our farms, buildings and airports, but they do need to go somewhere.

It is important that there are sufficient trees and other suitable places for birds to go. This doesn't help pigeons, though. They would not go in trees.

A lack of landing spots for pigeons doesn't bother most people as they are seen as a pest that needs to be discouraged. Birds are fine, especially when they are heard and not seen! We should treasure them for certain. As long, that is, as they are not making us ill, damaging our buildings or crashing our airplanes!.


Vernon Stent is the content writer for Arkay Hygiene that deals with fly killers and other pest control products. Here is a link to Bird Spikes.Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Vernon_Stent.


By: Vernon Stent

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