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Border Patrol has NO Balls to Raid Corrupt Carwash Owners

The Border Patrol and the United States Department of Immigration is neglecting its duties and refuses to raid obvious businesses, which are right out in the open, which hire illegal aliens. There is no more obvious abuse to the hiring of illegal aliens than the car wash industry.Having personally visiting over 3000 carwashes in 48 US States, I am shocked at the absolute looking the other way on these carwash owners who are breaking the law. Why is it that the United States Congress and the United States Senate keep making laws, but they will not enforce the laws we already have on the books?.Why do we allow companies to hire illegal aliens in the broad daylight like this without saying anything and then get so upset when they march in our streets and carrying Mexican Flags? Isn't it odd that no one says anything at the carwash and that the car wash owners know they are safe to break the law because you will never tell? Because you are a hypocrite and you will not do what is right and turn the SOB in.

You are either afraid or simply do not care that they pay illegal aliens under the table, exploit people and are causing all these illegal aliens to come to our Nation. But did you know you can do something about this 70 Billion Dollar drain on our nation, by turning in that cheating carwash owner in your town? What are you waiting for? Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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