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Chair Yoga Case Study Reduced Anxiety and Blood Pressure

After teaching chair yoga for several years Liz Franklin can testify that it appropriate for almost anyone, even if they are feeling the effects of aging or have physical limitations. It is not for hard-bodied 20-somethings that can twist themselves into poses that look impossible ? the only prerequisite is that you can sit in a chair, including a wheelchair.What better way to illustrate how chair yoga has benefited those unable to attend a traditional yoga class than to tell it in their own words?.

Hi! I'm Penny Hoober. I'm proudly 64 years old, a mother and a grandmother.

I've been working part-time at my church for 20 years. I've been married to a wonderful man for 38 years. I have been doing chair yoga since June of 2005.I had a stroke and my neurologist suggested practicing yoga. I called three yoga studios, and when they heard I was "post stroke" they did not want me to attend classes there. My daughter kept researching and found Liz' chair yoga class.

She called Liz and after a nice conversation, I went to my first class. I was looking for more balance in my life and help with severe anxiety and other health issues, including high blood pressure.At first I was somewhat skeptical, but I kept coming to class and after 6 weeks I began to notice subtle shifts and benefits. Now if I am unable to attend class I really miss it. My anxiety kicks in and my depression worsens.

The classes have become a social time for me and I have made some wonderful new friends. My Monday class is a great way to start my week and keeps me going for the rest of my week. All the other students are non-judgmental and it is wonderful knowing that they are all dealing with their own health issues.I have made incredible strides in lowering my blood pressure. I went from readings of 190/120 to 115/62. My doctor was shocked and amazed.

I have found ways to incorporate brief yoga breaks into my life. I do little "bites" of yoga all day long. Just dropping my tongue to the bottom of my mouth makes such a big difference in how I feel, both physically and mentally. I don't make time to do an entire hour of yoga on my own, but the small things Liz suggests that we do during the day have made a big difference in my life.I really enjoy the way Liz keeps the classes interesting by mixing things up. The classes are not monotonous and she is very sensitive to the needs and mood of her students.

This program really does help your mind and body. It brings balance to your life but you do have to work at it.Yoga has now become a part of my daily life and I find myself incorporating more and more each month. The release of tension makes such a big difference in my life. If you are thinking about joining a class or purchasing the videos, give it a try ? not just once but several times ? and you will be hooked on chair yoga!


Mark Franklin enjoys telling people about Liz Franklin's Yoga In Chairs(r) because he knows it is helping people live healthier, happier, and longer lives. If you want to find out about her special style of chair yoga, visit http://www.yogainchairs.com.

By: Mark Franklin

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