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Concept of God

Whether you deny that God exists, or are active in promoting his cause, it depends on your concept of him. It is imperative to examine just whom and what he is, whatever you believe about him. This article may be published if the resource box is left intact.The word, "concept" is defined as an abstract or general idea inferred or derived from specific instances. One of the most important concepts is the picture formed in the mind when God is thought of. We serve him in direct proportion to our concept of him.

Some think of God as nothing more than nature, others believe that he a deity of love only, without punishment for wrong doing. The different concepts of the Lord account for the different responses to him.Many people acknowledge that God exists, but apparently some don't think they need to do anything to be accepted by him. They go on their merry way, living as they please, and believe that they will have his blessings when they die.People speak of the many ways to heaven, but Jesus only mentioned two ways.

One leads to punishment for the disobedient, the other to rewards for the righteous. He indicated that there is a broad way that leads to destruction, with many entering through it. The road that leads to life is small and narrow.

Only a few will find this way (MT 7:13-14). We must follow the principles in the Bible to find the narrow way to heaven.The problem is that mankind has trouble understanding who God is. Pharaoh asked, "Who is the Lord that I should obey him"(EX 5:2)? He felt the terror of his wrath but he never learned of his love and compassion.

A one-sided view of God can be worse than not knowing him at all.When you think of God, what picture is formed in your mind? Do you see an old man that is too feeble to help with your troubles? Is he an angry being poised to punish anyone that gives in to sin? Do you imagine you only have to be concerned with him when you are in trouble or at worship time? Some believe they can make a deal with him and be saved on their own terms. We have no input on this; he gives his terms and we either accept them or reject them.People have different responses to the Lord according to their concept of him.

Faith is formed by the knowledge of the Bible. This is often mixed with bits of information heard about the Lord, and our own ideas. The only information of value about God is that contained in Scripture. One cannot obtain an accurate picture of the Lord without a knowledge of his word.

With incomplete information we get a small part of the total. People respond to God with inappropriate actions because they have the wrong concept of him.If one believes that God is the creator of the universe, the question of obligation to him comes up. Most agree that governments have the authority to make laws that must be followed. Everyone must submit to the rules of the law or answer to its officers and courts.

Since God's authority far outweighs civil jurisdiction, it follows that we are obligated to obey his rules.The fact that he has the power of life and death both physical and spiritual, compels us to make a choice. He will make a choice about where each of us will spend eternity. His choice is based on our response to the principles of the New Testament. The choice made depends on our concept of him. The good news is that his grace forgives the sins of the obedient through the blood of his Son.

.This article was written by the author of the book, "Climbing the Heavenly Stairs." Get acquainted with the members of the Godhead and develop an unshakable faith. Learn how to fit in with your congregation. Put your trust in the one that makes no mistakes. Go on to maturity and live life to the full.

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By: Lynn Bradley

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