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Dating Blunders You Or Your Date Cant Ignore

You've got the perfect outfit, the perfect haircut and the perfect restaurant for your date. But that doesn't mean the evening will go perfectly. To make sure everything stays "just right," avoid these common dating blunders:.BEING LATE Making your date wait for you, especially if it's longer than 20 minutes, is tacky, inconsiderate, and rude. It's the best way to make sure the evening starts off on the wrong foot.

BEING RUDE TO SERVERS Sure, you know not to be rude to your date. But the same principle of politeness goes toward your restaurant servers and ticket sellers. Treat everyone you encounter with civility and respect.TELLING ALL An elegant dinner and romantic evening with your date is not the ideal time to confess your secrets about past transgressions, former relationships, or your emotional insecurities. Keep your skeletons in the closet until a more appropriate time.TALKING TOO MUCH Even if you're the most interesting person in the world, chances are your date would like to share some information about them, too.

Make sure you balance talking and listening.MENTIONING THE "FUTURE" Take things too fast and your date is likely to get cold feet. Don't assume you have a future together until your partner starts mentioning it.


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By: Peter Portero

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