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Deep Wounds

I just finished watching a television documentary series that takes the viewer into the lives of drug users and their battles with drug addiction. The stories are sad and really tug at the emotions of the viewer, at least in my case they did. It is hard to see a fellow human being suffer and watch their lives spiral out of control right in front of your eyes.There seemed to be a common theme with the drug abusers on the couple of shows that I watched. They were sexually assaulted, raped or molested by monsters.

The pain of dealing with the mental scars left behind well after the physical ones have disappeared were too much for them to deal with.These victims of abuse turned to drugs to numb the pain and memories so that they wouldn't have to deal with reality. It's really pathetic to see what these people's lives have become.

We all deal with pain differently but many victims of sex crimes turn to drugs in attempt to heal their psychological wounds. Our society needs to put an end to these types of crimes and get extremely tough with the monsters who perpetrate the crime.Sex crime offenders are the lowest form of life in my mind. I believe that they can't be rehabilitated.

Why take a chance that the molester will commit another offense and destroy another person's life?.I say no! The step we must take against these convicted monsters is to give them a penalty of life in prison without the possibility of parole. I don't think we should care about rehabilitating these people. Why should we? The harm that they cause is immeasurable. Their victims are left to pick up the pieces and deal with the physical and mental pain inflicted on them.

Our society is sometimes too concerned about giving certain people a second chance to screw up. I think that there is too much to lose when a sex crime offender is released. The probability is high that they will commit another heinous sex crime.Now back to the victims, the ones that really matter.

I believe that the best way of dealing with this type of pain is to talk to professionals and loved ones. There's no shame in being a victim. It's not the victim's fault that some degenerate molested, raped or sexually assaulted them.There are many resources available to victims of sexual crimes. If you are a victim, check out the resources available in your area.

The wounds of the assault can be so deep that they bottle up their pain and encounter feelings of blame.As a result of blaming themselves their self esteem sometimes suffer and they then turn to drugs to numb that pain.Once again I must mention that there is no shame in coming forward and seeking the help that you require. I ask that you don't turn to drugs or other harmful behaviors as way of dealing with your pain.

.Anthony B.

is the founder and owner of ItsTheRightWay.com a news, political and sports commentary website.Anthony has over 7 years of experience as a business professional.

By: Anthony Bloch

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