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Do Not Unbutton Your Blouse During Traffic Stops Anymore Many Cops Are Gay

Many women use to unbutton a couple of buttons on the their blouse during routine traffic infraction violation stops of the motor vehicle code, this makes sense in order to flirt their way out of a ticket or traffic fine. But this sort of tactic is not working very well anymore because more and more policemen are homosexuals.Many are outright gay and others are closet homosexuals. Some are even married and living double lives, which makes sense because so many of them are obviously straddling the law, as they are borderline thieves.

Some studies show as many as 30% are acting above the law, on the take or outright criminals. Personally I am not so sure all that scientific research and totally verified reports and statistics are true, because I like to think that even if all these studies using scientific method indicate this that maybe they are not correct at all.Nevertheless, it makes sense if so many cops are above the law and leading double lives already that in fact they could be also many closet homosexuals who would also enjoy that line of work and wearing a uniform as a dominant alpha male type. Thus if you are a woman trying to flirt your way out of a ticket with your bosoms then perhaps you better try a different tact in the future.

Best of luck. Consider this in 2006.

.Lance Winslow.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Lance_Winslow.


By: Lance Winslow

Grain Marketing

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