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Embrace Change

Most of us resist change. How often do we hear the words; "I don't want to change. Why does everything have to change? I want things to stay exactly the way they are." We find change difficult, but it is a natural law that goes on with or without our agreement.Nothing stays the same, no matter how it might appear on the outside.

There is nothing in this known universe that exists without change. If you look to nature, you will notice that nothing in nature stays the same. It is the natural order of the universe to go forward.Because of our consciousness, we are the only species that resists and fears change.

In that conciousness we have come to know fear; fear of the unknown, fear of the future, and fear of change.Sometime you have to sacrifice what you are for what you may become. That is what change is about.

Letting go of what no longer works for you in your life and embracing what gives you joy and personal fulfillment. When I wanted to retire from my business of 25 years, but was not really ready to "retire", I was overwhelmed with the fear that there was nothing else I could possible do. There was definitely fear of change and of bringing in the new, but I knew that without some kind of change I would just stagnate and become resentful.

Have you ever realized that a particular thing or situation in your life needs to change, but you just cannot create the motivation to make that change? It causes you pain, but the fear of the unknown keeps you doing the same old thing with the same old results.The easiest way to make any change is first to change your mindset. Be willing to accept change in your life. Change is all about evoling your conciousness.

It is that simple, but not always that easy to do.The best way to change your mind is through repetition, which is how you created the the situation in the first place; by focusing and thinking the situation into reality. If you want to change, then through a repetition of thoughts, your subconcious will start creating the new and letting go of the old. It is all in the hardwiring of the brain.Your subconscious is like the genie in the bottle who wants to grant your every wish. The important part is to make sure you send your genie consistent, clear and intentional commands.

There are a lot of confused and messed up genies waiting for clear directions.Accept change as a welcome guest, because life does support us and change brings in new opportunities for growth, renewal and joy. If we can change our perspective around change, then we begin to expand our opportunities. Without change, there can be no excitement, adventure or passion.I believe change is important to embrace in our lives.

Without change there is stagnation and then death. Going forward makes change a divine manifestation. Change is the grand adventure of self.

Embrace change and transformation begins.For Fun and Self-Exploration ask yourself these questions.
1. What does change represent to me?
2. How am I resisting change in my life? (denial, anger,etc)

What is one thing in my life that needs to change?
4. If I were to allow change to happen, what positive outcomes might occur? How would my life be different? What would the benefits be?
5. What is one action I can take this week to begin to make this change?
Most important, have fun, lighten up and quit taking yourself so seriously. Be Your Best,.

In~Joy & Success,.Billie Washington.

.Powerful Success Tips http://www.

powerfulsuccesstips.com is brought to you by Billie Washington, The Quantum Process Coach. Billie is an International Business & Life Coach, http://www.qpcoaching.com helping people unlock the mental barriers that keep them from achieving their true potential, success and happiness.

By: Billie Washington

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