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Emotional Growth It Begins as a Holistic Process

Holistic Specifics and BodyMind Connection believes that the personality is developed as the EGO develops. It starts with the initial state of pure essence, and grows into the being that you decide to show to the world as the real you.Our beliefs guide us through life. Understanding how these beliefs are created can give us permission to go back, challenge the disabling beliefs and reinforce the enabling ones.

Remember that any learned behavior can be unlearned. New information and material can replace anything that originally existed.In the beginning: At some point during gestation, the Spirit/ the Soul/ the Divine enters into the organism and a human being becomes present. At this point you the being is a diamond in the rough. In this state there is total bliss, total purity, no ego, no negativity, and no personality. Gene traits and physical patterns due to DNA will determine our physical body, but the mind remains un-programmed.

While in the womb, at some point, the baby will experience vibrations and sounds. Some will be pleasant, some will be harsh. The baby will absorb nutrients that the mother ingests. These can be pleasant or cause irritability and discomfort. The emotional learning process (what we feel) begins in the womb. The process begins as an emotional knowing rather that an intellectual knowing.

These are almost impossible to recall because they are not remembered as thought or processed memories. When we do recall them, they come up as emotions. We don't even necessarily recall a reason for these emotions. Whatever the trigger, the process involved goes directly to that portion of the brain that stores that emotional memory.As the birthing process begins, the baby continues the learning process, and starts to develop his or her identity.

This begins with the path through the birth canal. What did you experience during delivery? Was it a cold hard world and a spanking on the butt to get you breathing or was it a warm reception into a loving environment?.A baby learns through experience -- how to do things, how to love, how to be.

Having no predetermined knowledge or experience, the baby starts to adopt what it observes from many external inputs. Most of the external inputs will come from the person or persons that the baby is around the most. Typically the ones having the largest effects on the babies' belief system are the mother and father, and any siblings.

If the mother and father are blessed with clarity, purity, and unconditional love, then the child's pure bliss state is reinforced. If on the other hand the parents pass along wrong information, or a mis-representation of true love, then the child will begin to develop false beliefs.The child, in its helpless learning state, begins to adopt the traits of the parents. This is a preverbal state, so all development is done on an emotional (feeling) level.

With this information, the self begins to program the ego (the subconscious mind). We learn to respond to the illusion of reality that our parents were taught as children, instead of the truth (that we are spirits inside of human bodies).The EGO begins to cloud the state of pure essence.

No longer can the baby respond with pure innocence. It begins to understand that there are consequences to its actions. In some families, when the baby cries it may get a bottle of warm milk or a blanket so it can be more comfortable. In other families it may get a swat on the behind because it's disturbing mom's or dad's favorite TV show.

As this knowledge is acquired, it creates a trauma in the psyche (the belief system) and at the same time it gets reflected somewhere into the body, which ends up as tension. This in turn blocks the flow of life force, or energy in the body. It is said by people familiar with body psychology that what is carried in the subconscious as beliefs are also scattered throughout the musculature. The next time you see someone walking down the street, head hunched forward, shoulders rounded forward, slumped in stature ? just guess what they are experiencing mentally.

Ninety-nine times out of a hundred they will be experiencing some sort of depression, feeling down or very low at that particular moment in time.Somewhere around four, up to seven years of age, the child learns that the emotional state used to control his or her parents, just doesn't work with their newfound friends, their peers. Throwing tantrums on the playground doesn't work because the other kids just leave and go play somewhere else. The person finds that their emotional behavior is socially unacceptable, which means that they need another way to deal with their friends. What most children do is develop an intellectual being, a social front or social face ? a mask to cover up what they are really feeling. If a child is not careful they will develop a belief that they must please people in order to get along.

Our social face basically becomes our intellectual face or front. It is the one that we present to the world as who we are. Our divine presence is always present but is always clouded or masked. Our emotional presence is always present also but it too becomes clouded because we find it so easy to be hurt and allow our feelings to be trampled upon.A true Holistic State is one in which we become responsible for all of our beliefs, even those emotional ones that we are totally unaware of.

We choose to move back into that blissful and pure state that existed before we were born. We improve our self-esteem and do not allow others to manipulate us and our feelings. We tear down the concrete walls of illusion that our intellect has created of who we show the world we are and expose our true selves to others and the world. We allow ourselves to become vulnerable and to understand that not all of the people are going to like us all of the time. We stop others from having control over our feelings. We replace disabling beliefs with beliefs which move us ahead and contribute to our health and longevity.

To become that perfect brilliant diamond we desire to be, with total clarity, radiance, strength, and beauty, it may require that we go back to being a diamond in the rough. We will have to let go of the disabling beliefs that our parents and peers taught us and learn new beliefs. Each time we develop a new enabling belief, we will add a new polished facet to the diamond we are becoming.Choose the path, stay on the path, trudge down the path and you too can become that diamond you've always desired. With no blocks in the psyche, pure love and pure wisdom will manifest.

With pure love and wisdom enveloping the mind, the body will reflect those characteristics. There will be no blocks in the body pure energy, health and happiness must manifest.

.Michael McCright is a Holistic Health Practitioner, educator, coach, and motivational speaker. His website: http://www.

bodymindconnection.com covers a variety of health concerns. Michael is co-producer of an informative and educational DVD: "TMJ Relief".

For information and holistic solutions regarding TMJ disorder, go to: http://www.holisticspecifics.com 2005 Michael McCright ? Reprints allowed as long as copy is complete with last paragraph and copyright information.

By: Michael McCright

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