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Environmentalists Complain About Oil Companies

Recently we have all been a little taken aback by high oil prices and many are quite upset as it does indeed affect the weekly budgets you see. Many environmentalist blame the oil companies for all this and want to Institute a "Windfall Profit Tax" of course that is rather insane and then who gets the profits? The Government, but then would the government give us back the money? Doubtful.If environmentalists do not like the oil or gasoline prices then, well they are free to get some money together and go buy an oil company or start their own oil company? Why not? Then the environmentalists can get a taste of their own medicine and burning thru cash and constant roadblocks.

Or the Environmentalists can design and build new cars, which burn on Hydrogen or something and well, they can shock the world with their innovation. Of course if they do this it would indeed take a little; "Rocky Style" perseverance to unite them to not give up, although some would.Then of course stress would mount and their families would be more upset than Prozac could help and their families would leave them.

Then the politics would be interesting to the environmentalists, as they would find a mirror of all the regulations that they helped create. Of course then they would have to find a Billionaire Sponsor to save the day and help them deal with all the real world, uncertainty and maybe, just maybe the environmentalists could move mountains of minutia, blobs of bureaucracy and win the game, tired and beat up.I hope they will do this soon rather than complain so they will give me lower gasoline prices for my large SUV. Please, all environmentalists do this now for me, I demand lower prices you see? Consider all this and the underlining message between the words in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

Grain Marketing

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