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Female Ejaculation Myth or Fact The Answers You Seek

Most men don't truly understand the nature of the Vagina, its mostly a mystery, even to some women. Many complain that men are insensitive to their sexuality, but there is a growing number of women that also seek the fountain of Venus!.The mystery and taboo is partly related to the female reproductive system being harder to access than its male counterpart; this concealment is extended to our culture (in the west) where female bodies are kept much more private than males, the privacy has helped shape how these are perceived as well.

Female Ejaculation is a real procedure, and you need to be willing to literally study yourself, and until relatively recently the medical advice has been "don't play with, look at or do that"; the result is that generations of women have been sexually oppressed by the social mores such that they never experience a sizable part of their innate sexuality.This is partly due to the western culture of control and concealment as regards to the female form, in addition to the standard social mores concerning female body fluids. This subject, like most areas of female sexuality is looked upon with disdain in terms of "civil society", thus helping to retain this as a taboo.

Women are idolised as static dry and pristine yet sexual creatures, in appearance, and are subject to unwritten laws such as not being permitted to break this illusion by openly performing normal bodily functions such as sweating or producing too much vaginal lubrication.The first modern description of female ejaculation came from the Netherlands. Here is the information you need to know:.[1] All things being equal, assuming the standard female shape, it should be technically possible for anyone to experience ejaculation. However, every body is unique and geometry can certainly prevent a woman achieving this form of arousal.

[2] The expelled fluid is a sexual mixture from or around the urethra consisting of fluids including a form of urine called uriar, calcium and assorted pheromones, this is a normal bodily function.[3] women can not actively control release of vaginal fluids during sexual activities, this is normal and cannot be assisted or prevented per say; so both psyche and technique are required.[4] The possible volume of ejaculate is directly proportional to sexual activities; ie avoiding sex = more material, this is not a medical problem.Anatomy dictates that positions of intercourse where the man is on top result in penetration to the posterior wall of the vagina, assuming the woman is on her back. This type of position will not provide stimulation of the cervix or the grafenberg-spot because the penis will simply go to the back of the vagina, bypassing the anterior wall which is much more sensitive than the back or posterior walls.However, positions where the woman is on top or in the case of rectal entry (not recommended without extreme care) or where the man is at an upward angle relative to the woman; penetration will occur such that the anterior wall will be stimulated.

An accepted method of achieving female ejaculation is all in the finger action via clitoral, vaginal, or grafenberg stimulation, note that the clitoral system is also a powerful organ in its own right, with 8000 nerve endings, which extends 10cm down the inner leg!.The lady should be lying down at an angle with her legs open to expose her volva and the labia minora, for best results, her lover should lay at her right (assuming he is right-handed).After the foreplay, this is essential, whatever is required to get her aroused, the lover must insert two fingers into her vagina, some combination of the middles is quite effective, with his palm facing the pubic bone (up).The lover must now locate her grafenberg-spot, a slightly raised, spongy bump on the "roof" of the vaginal cave; in most women, it is just behind the clitoris about 2 cm into the vagina, between the back of the pubic bone and the cervix along the course of the urethra.He should start by manipulating his fingers such that they push up and stroke the anterior wall of the vagina in a "come here" motion, while continuing the foreplay if possable.This should stimulate the pelvic nerve and the hypergastric plexus, as opposed to the clitoral stimulus which involves only the prudential nerve.

Ideally, concurrent stimulation of both the cervix and grafenberg-spot is required, this involves the pelvic, hypergastric and the sensory vaguess nerve which creates more of a total body impression, and it is this type of pressure that releases a warm flow of vaginal liquid.Note that all main stream materiels designed to stimulate sexual desire including the 'Squirting Girls' movies and pictures are contrived and airbrushed, these are the last places to see natural reproductive processes!.Sex is hardly ever executed as portrayed in the movies, its often dirty, noisy, smelly, oozy, and thinking about it can significantly impact sexual pleasure.

The good news is that as a rule, our children are becoming sexually aware at younger ages then in the past, which is in part due to the schools so called "sex education" which serves only to demystify sex.The result is initially just better levels of education, the natural consequence of which is more experimentation, earlier in life when things are more supple and ultimately better use of the equipment.


By: Michael Hart

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