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Freedom From Bondage It is Your Choice

Copyright 2006 Marshall House

Issues of freedom or bondage often surface in individuals and organization. Words other than freedom or bondage may be used: e.g., powerlessness, control, victimization, safety, limitations, restrictions, trust, confinement, oppression, suppression. At the base of all these negative issues is fear.

Fear, however, is more difficult for some folks to admit or face than one of these other concepts, so I find it is often wise to avoid the word "fear" which can sometimes feel like an accusation.

Freedom and Bondage Issues

In organizations, the issue may be the bondage related to perceived limited resources or shortsighted policies. For subordinates, restrictions of management or lack of personal skills/experience are often mentioned. For individuals who feel trapped in relationships, concerns around expressing truth are prevalent, as are feelings of entrapment with respect to judgments.

You may find it helpful to consider the words "freedom" and "bondage" in the broadest sense of their definitions.

At the same time, consider your own personal issues related to freedom and bondage. The concept of each word is contained it its opposite.

The Energy of Freedom and Bondage

Freedom and bondage and the other euphemisms all have energetic components.

That is, when someone feels free, his or her freedom is represented in the energy field. By the same token, expressions of lack of freedom or feelings of victimization or patterns of powerlessness or control issues present themselves in the energy field. One of my gifts is the ability to perceive how these issues present themselves in the energy field and facilitate appropriate shifts. The energy field has many layers and levels and cycles.

There is an interlacing of horizontal and vertical lines and movement that presents itself in waves.

When we work in deeper energetic dimensions, we can save years of therapy or thousands of dollars in consulting fees. Make no mistake, individuals and organizations have to be ready to work energetically on these issues in order for deep, fast, and lasting results. Energetic work is not fast-food consciousness.

Those who respond best to energetic work have usually already spent many hours in personal development or organizational change efforts. Conscious awareness attracts and expands conscious awareness. Directing people to images that represent their experiences sometimes has the added benefit of distracting them from defending their experiences; as they become interested in a color or illusion or sound, their resistance lessens.

Case Study in Energetic Freedom from Bondage

Following is a summary of a portion of a session with a client in the Personal Energetic Clearing Process. Some of the images may seem strange to you, but I encourage you to read the article through to the end.

Chad (a pseudonym, of course) had attended many of my workshops over several years, so he was quite familiar with my approach when he began working with me on a one-to-one basis. In this particular session, we honed in on fear, sadness, and anger, most of which appeared to be lodged in his chest energetically.

In the energy field I could see the appearance of metal plates on his right ankle. I called them "shackles" but they did not embrace the whole ankle, nor were they locked.

That is not my idea of very secure shackles, which was precisely the point! He needed only to reach down and lift them off. As I talked about the shackles, I could feel the fear immediately well up in him, primarily around the chest. His breathing became labored and tears came to his eyes.

He agreed to removing the shackles, which we did gently together, one piece at a time. I worked with green healing energy to soothe the areas as we worked on them.

I was careful to move at a pace that allowed Chad to integrate what was happening.

I detected no resistance in him. He was ready. A part of him wanted it to happen fast, but we were both more interested in depth. He felt and talked about the fears: fear of freedom, fear of stepping out, fear of leaving a structured life, fear of., and just plain fear.

Emotions and Energetic Forms

We worked with the fears energetically and found that they were woven with anger and sadness. Chad's thoughts were flooded with pictures of slavery and other oppression.

We worked with a variety of energetics and energetic techniques to dissipate the hardened emotions. Three golden cosmic catheters went into his heart, providing immediate emotional relief and easier breathing. Geometric cones, concave triangles, and golden spheres were inserted all around the heart space.

His legs absorbed vibrant cones to provide greater balance.

I had not forgotten the chains and shackles that I had removed from his ankle that sat waiting in the energy field. We returned to them several times for information they contained.

Many images and memories and waves of energy passed through my own consciousness -- too many to report.

No reports were needed, however, because Chad was able to connect with these events in his own way. He required almost no verbal input from me, which allowed me to stay focused on the energy work. And then the time came when the chains and shackles were to be released from his energy field.

Angelic beings, waiting patiently at the sidelines, came forward when asked and gathered up the metal pieces and flew away with them. Their sweet energy provided another dimension of healing. It was an honor to work with them, as always.

My Suggestions to Enhance Chad's Personal Work

I told Chad that he was likely to be releasing fear, anger, and sadness over the next few days and weeks. I suggested that some of the releases may be surprising, perhaps strangely unemotional or strongly emotional. I offered him a list of simple releasing techniques, like singing, screaming at the beach, breathing deeply, pounding his chest while making sounds, and crying.

I find that suggesting specific releasing techniques is quite helpful for most clients. The truth is that any technique will work if the proper intention is present, and that no technique will work in the absence of a proper intention. I find that techniques assist people to uncover and focus on their true intention.

The Significance of Energetic Freedom from Bondage

More than three years after doing this session with Chad, he said he was deeply empowered by the experience. The empowerment showed in his face. He considered this and one other event in the Personal Energetic Clearing Process were pivotal to his transformation.

My private practice is filled with similar sessions of energetic freedom, so that I can say that this is not an isolated, chance event.

As folks like Chad have the courage to remove their shackles, my own lift more easily. I speak more freely about the true nature of my work.

At one time I would not have reported such a case as this in the Marshall House Journal. Now I delight in sharing this experience via the Internet!

Humanity has been in one form of bondage or another for thousands of years. Individuals feel entrapped in relationships. Layers of society feel stuck in homelessness or poverty.

Individuals feel unable to speak their truth. Groups are enslaved by other groups. Victims and victimizers still find each other.

We feel bound by our past.

But are we really? Perhaps it is as simple as reaching down and lifting off the unlocked shackles!.

Article Source: http://www.articledashboard.com.


Jeanie Marshall, Empowerment Consultant and Coach with Marshall House, produces Guided Meditations on CD albums and MP3 downloads and writes extensively on subjects related to personal development and empowerment. Voice of Jeanie Marshall, www.

jmvoice.com . .

By: Jeanie Marshall

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