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Good Countries and Bad People Dialogue

What do good countries due in crisis? What should we expect them to do? Why should good countries play fair when bad people slaughter innocent life? When should good countries use a "feared and respected" goal over trying to win the hearts and minds of bad people? Recently in an online debate, an anti-American stated that the United States was not a good country. Here is the dialogue and debate, which came next;."Good countries don't torture people.

I learned that in grade school.".Good people do not attempt to hijack aircraft and crash them into buildings. Good people do not allow Tyrannical dictators to steal the life and liberty from their nations.

Good people do not join International Terrorist organizations to kill innocent people."Good countries try to solve problems with diplomacy rather than weaponry. I learned that it grade school.".We do that a lot, but in the end most often you cannot negotiate or appease fanatical dictators. History shows that and also teaches that in grade school.

"Good countries don't lie. I learned that in grade school.".That is an unfortunate lie your teacher told you, I use to believe that too. In fact I have come to discover that both bad countries and good countries tell lies.You stated; "Looks like what our nation teaches children and what our country actually does are two different things.

".Indeed, but in your sentence can you change "our nation teaches" with "all nations teach" and "our country actually does" with "all countries actually do".Most all governments are a lie and yet, I find myself living in the greatest nation with the least lies and a wonderful country to live comparatively speaking. Do you think this is why the United States of America, working to perfection, is the greatest civilization ever created in the history of mankind? Anti-Americans go home.


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By: Lance Winslow

Grain Marketing

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