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Hair Braiding

Hair braiding can be fun and give a person an earthy look. One of the hardest types of braids is the French braid. When it comes to learning how to do the French braid, you should first try it out on a friend or someone that you know.

To get the French braid right you need to practice and practice. Remember, it's one of the most difficult braids so have patience. It maybe difficult, but the results are worth the effort because a French braid can be used for any type of occasion.First what you want to do is begin with clean and dry hair. You will want to straighten wavy hair and really curly hair so that you don't give your braid extra texture and it will be easier to braid.

You want to use gel to get rid of any tiny hairs that are everywhere. Next, you want to remove any tangles from the hair.Once you have properly combed your hair, take a three by one inch section of hair that is located just above the forehead or behind your bangs.

Then you will want to divide the section in three even pieces. The key to a good French braid is having equal sections. Then take the left section and put it between the left index finger and thumb. Then take the right section and place it between the right index finger and thumb.You should let the middle section stay flat against the head.

Then pull the right over the middle section and place it between the left index and middle fingers. Then with the right middle finger cut about an inch wide section of hair straight across the head (start at the hairline and move towards the middle section that was parted). Once you have done this, collect the middle section and pull the hair tight.

You shouldn't pull too tight because it could cause you to have a headache or your hair to fall out. The line of hair that was collected should be flat and smooth. Continue to twist your left hand clockwise and move the section that's in between your left index and middle finger to the right index and middle finger Pull the sections in your right hand and then let the hair in the left hand go. You will want to continue to do this and as you go down the back of the head grab bigger sections. Remember not to pull too tightly, because it could have serious side effects.Once you have done the entire head and are down to the base of the neck, take a tie or rubber band and tie off the end, you can also add a bow or some decorative bobby pins to add some flare to your hair-do.

Get creative with your French braid. Remember, it will take a long time to get the hang of things so practice, practice, practice!.

.Agust Hauksson is a regular contributor of articles to many online publications. Find more great information at: http://www.

hair-braiding.biz/, http://www.hair-regrowth-guide.

com/ and http://www.hairthinning.org/.

By: Agust Hauksson

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