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Have You Saluted the Sun Today

A wonderful way to start the day is with yoga and a "salute to the sun".This pose is great for warming up your body, as well as being, as with most yoga poses, a great toning exercise, a pose that energizes your body and mind and is an excellent method of breathing control.You can do the 'salute to the sun" a few times a day. First thing in the morning it get's your blood pumping, your muscles warmed up and your joints moving.

Later on, even two or three more times. the pose can be done as an energizer and stress reliever.Try this - .

* Stand with your feet together and palms together in front of the chest. Push your feet into the floor and stretch your necks upwards, lengthening your body as you exhale.* Breathe in deeply as you raise your arms high, keeping your hands together and bend backwards from the waist.* Exhale slowly as you bend forwards, placing your hands flat on the floor at the sides of your feet . (Bend your knees if you need to).

* While inhaling, stretch your left leg backwards so it rests on the knee and toes. While doing this bend the right knee and raise your head so you are looking up.* Holding your breath, bring your right foot backwards besides your left foot. Your body should now make a straight line, just like a push up position, supported on your hands and toes.* Begin lowering your knees, chest and your forehead to the floor, exhaling as you do this.

Try to keep your stomach and pelvis off the ground.* As you are breathing in raise your upper body by straitening your arms and leave your legs on the ground. Look up at the ceiling.* Exhale and curl your toes under and then push your butt upwards and back. Press your heels and head down towards the floor.The last four steps are the reverse of what you were doing in steps 3 - 6.

* While inhaling, bring your left foot forward beneath your chest. Your right leg should be extended backwards with the knee resting on the floor.* Breathe out as you bring your right leg alongside the left.

Raise your right leg alongside the left. Raise your buttocks placing your face close to your legs.* Breathe in as you straighten upward, extend your arms up, hands together then arch yourself backwards.* Return to your standing position and exhale. Repeat the sequence leading with your right leg so the stretching action is balanced on both sides of the body.The first few times it will likely be confusing, but after a while this pose will be second nature to you and you'll be able to included in you schedule.

.Yoga is designed so that while you are exercising and practicing the different poses you are also focusing on your breathing and connecting with your body and your spirit. Learn more about yoga..

By: Mike Herman

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