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I Will Tolerate You but Respect Must be Earned

Many people demand respect, but how can you give respect to someone you don't know. Now the politically correct crowd will say you must treat everyone with respect. Baloney. I will not treat someone with respect will walks around town wearing gang attire. I will not treat someone with respect who disrespects their spouse in my presence.

I will not treat someone with respect who eyewitness flipping someone else off on the freeway. I will not treat someone with respect who sits in a podium and tells the television that they will fix all my problems by making another law. I will not treat someone with respect who says that they are class-action lawyer at. I will not treat someone with respect who I see littering on the street. I will tolerate these people only so far as the law protects them from my wrath. But do not expect me to respect them.

If you choose to respect criminals in people who disrespect all we are and all we have built in this great nation than that is your own concern not mine. I reserve my right to not respect those who do not respect with this great nation stands for. I will tolerate those with the different point of view, who were different than me, who have a different belief system and I will respect them as individuals once I get to know them and I am assured that they do deserve my respect. But do not tell me who, I must respect. I will leave it up to my own experiences and observations of some 40 years of people watching to choose who I respect.

For the rest of you I will tolerate you until you show me through achievements, selfless acts of kindness or commitment to a cause of your choosing his long, as it does not hurt anyone else. Do not demand respect, earned it. Do not expect me to respect you for something in that you have not done yet. I am from Missouri; show me. Until then I will tolerate your presence and leave it open door for you to earn that respect.

Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

Grain Marketing

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