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Kill Zone Mile Radius Yellowstone Park Super Volcano

Most of us have heard about the giant Caldera at Yellowstone Park. There was recently a television special on super volcanoes and how a super plume underneath Yellowstone Park might erupt and cause a huge Volcano, which would actually change the weather patterns in the world and human life on earth.In fact it was estimated 800,000 years ago the Volcano went off to and it could be overdue to happen again. It can be catastrophic and it is estimated that if such an event occurred in the present period that the kill zone could be as much as 200 miles in radius.

What is a kill zone? Well for a super plume volcanic eruption of a super Volcano that would be the area in which every living thing is killed instantly. That is not to say that the volcanic ash would not eventually kill all plant life within 1000 miles or anyone who failed to leave the area, as that would potentially happen too.But do not worry say scientific researchers as there would be a 1-2 year warnings most likely of seismic activity leading up to such a massive Volcano.

There might even be small volcanoes, which happen first. Nevertheless it is sure scaring a lot of people in Wyoming and is preventing a lot of people from moving to Wyoming, which the locals are very happy about. Please consider this in 2006.

.Lance Winslow.Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Lance_Winslow.

By: Lance Winslow

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