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Know the Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect: How to be a Doer ? Not a Blatherer.Batman's friend said: "It's not who your are inside, but what you.do ? that defines you.

".The Butterfly Effect is the property of Edward Lorenz, of MIT. "Small changes lead to massive reactions." His work on predictability raised the question ? Does the flap of a butterfly's wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas?.If you choose to activate the following baby-stuff strategies ? you initiate 'small-changes", which lead to major reactions in your ability to learn, remember and create new ideas that attract success in your life.

1. Why should you believe it?.Intelligent humans do not add techniques and strategies to their lives without evidence and proof of powerful usefulness. Many of us who are contrarians ? skeptics and sarcastic, require a massive amount of proof before we believe and change our habits.

Dr. Richard Petty, Ohio State University, started his research on the effect of physical (behavioral) modifications on 'confidence' in 2000. In July 2003, they published his results in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. It has been replicated internationally and is a 'given', even though you never heard of it until now.2.

Nodding.Nodding your head (up-and-down), reinforces your confidence, and a light goes-off in your brain that convinces you that you are right in your belief.This action of 'nodding,' and its affect on your subsequent actions and belief ? applies whether you are nodding in belief or 'disbelief'.When you nod your head (slightly or vigorous), when you have an idea ? in confirmation or disgust (negativity), you are adding your sensory and motor contices to your thinking and understanding. Adding your body-language ? (physically 'nodding') ? to your left-and-right brain skills ? creates a surge of endorphins (pleasure neurotransmitters), that signal your mind ? you are on the right-track.What happens when you 'shake' your head from side-to-side ? creating a 'No!' body-language?.

You reinforce your confidence that the idea or action you are engaged in - is lousy!.Hold it! If you 'nod' that something you believe is bad, wrong, negative ? you reinforce your confidence of that reality, AND when you 'shake' your head that the idea or behavior stinks ? you also confirm that you must reject and deny it. Exactly right ? it's easier to negate than be positive.

3. Get this!.Dr. David Lykken, University of Minnesota, says this: Emotions combine internal feelings, together with physical-responses that provide 'feedback' to our brain.The secret of emotions is our 'limbic-system', and in particular the 'amygdala', and hippocampus.

After we come to a cognitive decision ? simultaneous (within a half-second), we have a veto window-of-opportunity to not continue to a behavioral-reaction.Right ? you want to strangle your boss ? but decide override the action. A half-second in brain-time is an enormous period ? our non-conscious mind processes eleven (11) million bits of information per second.4. So What's the Point?.

Use this knowledge to create your self-confidence, self-esteem, and become self-actualizing. Most of us are dependent on the reactions of significant-others to decide if we are 'smart', 'ethical', and deserving of success.Not you ? you have a secret feedback-system to learn faster, remember more, read faster, and be creative.It takes some practice, but results begin the first day, and get stronger. For maximum results you must rehearse your Nodding a minimum of three-times daily, for twenty-one (21) consecutive-days ? the Law of 21.Remember a 'slight' nod of your head up-and-down is as powerful and wide-movements.

Both create feedback to our brains.5. Why Bother With Fooling My Brain?.The answer is humans have weak-confidence in their own decisions and beliefs, and will surrender their initial-conclusions in the face of rejection, denial or a scowl on a listener's face. We are strengthening our personality and character by the use of Nodding to reaffirm our decisions. The more you nod to your ideas, the more creative you become.

Confidence is the difference between successful folks and the spear-carriers ? who follow the orders of others.Endwords.Nodding and shaking our head often work automatically ? they are on auto-pilot. The tennis player who misses his backhand return, and shakes his head cursing 'himself' ? is reinforcing his confidence in failure. His feedback to the brain is negative, and leads to a greater likelihood of another failure.If you take five-minutes daily to install a 'Duchenne-Smile (eyes-and-teeth), on your face three-times daily - Law of 21 ? you improve your health, quickly recover from illness, and enhance longevity.

Use this nodding ? smiling or choosing to laugh for sixty-seconds ? 3x daily for the next three-weeks ? to improve your immune systems. But only if you desire to live a long-healthy life.If you are a contrarian ? test these strategies that are completely under your control, require no financial investments, and are scientifically valid. Your choice.See ya,.

copyright 2006
H. Bernard Wechsler



Author of Speed Reading For Professionals, published by Barron's Educational, partner of Evelyn Wood, creator of speed reading, graduating 2 million, including the White House staff of four U.S. Presidents.

http://www.speedlearning.org hbw@speedlearning.org.

By: H. Bernard Wechsler

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