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Lance Rants on BS Claims the Iranian Leadership in Power is the US Fault

Do you know that many blame the United States for the fanatical, radical and fundamentalist win in the Iranian election? In fact these folks if you ask them say things such as;."Ahmadinejad would never have won the election had Bush not lied about WMD and invaded Iraq.".I do not believe that Bush lied about WMD, in fact Saddam himself claimed to have them and was going to use them he said, along with his sons on Al Jazeera. Additionally there is lots of known WMD mission, where did it go? Night before French Foreign Legion and Russian help get it into Syria.

Further we made a deal not to bring that up. While France did a media hit on the US and John Kerry and Edwards and Democrats carried that World Media hit theme to our shores to condemn our President calling him unfit to lead and calling him a liar.Thus attempting to divide our nation even further as the Administration further recruited the Christian Right and invited them to the poles, garnering support for family values, which are needed in all societies anyway.

The emboldened Christian Right carried the theme a little too hot and heavy to counter act the George Soros funded Democrats selling out America.The Iranian leadership cheated the election used microwaves to black out satellite TV and modified election results. It is too bad they stole or won (can be debated) that election, moderates would serve Iran better. So today we have a radical regime, threatening neighbors and indeed plotting to use nuclear weapons, funding international terrorist organizations, threatening economic war, terrorist acts on Western World and blowing Israel off the map while doing war games and tests to prove it and buying Russian and Chinese military hardware and sending insurgents into Iraq to kill Allied Soldiers and disrupt the new government. You find all this acceptable? Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

Grain Marketing

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