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Memorial Day Defending the American Dream

We have a habit as Americans to get so wrapped up in the time-off from work thanks to holidays that we lose sight of why a holiday was established in the first place. Case in point: Memorial Day.The point of Memorial Day is to remember the sacrifice by Americans, both men and women, who died while defending their country and the American way of life. But what most of us think of when it comes to Memorial Day is summer ? the unofficial beginning of the season that the holiday has come to represent, thanks to the three-day weekend it provides and the chance to blow out of town and have some fun.The truth is Memorial Day originally began in the 19th Century as Decoration Day, a holiday created after the Civil War to commemorate Union soldiers who died in battle.

Decoration Day evolved into Memorial Day following the end of World War I, when it became a day of remembrance for the fallen of all wars that America has fought in. Officially, Memorial Day is May 30 of each year, but it is observed on the last Monday of May to accommodate our motorist urges to get out on a long weekend.It is important therefore to remember the sacrifice millions have made on behalf of this country ? to defend its principles, institutions and opportunities. One of the greatest things about America is economic freedom and the ability we all enjoy to make money, prosper, and grow financially. That's why Memorial Day is truly such an important holiday ? to honor not just the human sacrifice that has been made, but the freedoms we continue to possess thanks to that sacrifice.

Memorial Day is a time when surviving veterans deserve to be both remembered and rewarded for the commitment they've shown. One organization that does just that is Veterans Advantage. By becoming a member of Veterans Advantage, former soldiers, sailors and airmen are entitled to a long list of wonderful discounts. Continental Airlines, Greyhound Bus, Hertz, and Amtrak are just some of the companies who offer special discounts to VA members. VA members can also save money when buying computers, subscribing to satellite radio, purchasing long term care insurance, joining health clubs, buying cell phones, and much more.

Another great way to reward veterans ? and anyone can do this ? is by throwing them a barbecue. Hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, chicken, fish, it all tastes great when cooked on a classic charcoal Weber grill. Just don't forget the tools for your grilling.Memorial Day is of course a time when many people visit war memorials or pay their respects to fallen soldiers. If you'd like to bring something to leave beside a headstone but aren't sure what kind of flowers to buy, GrowerFlower.com is offering something different this year to consider ? blue roses.

This specially-made bouquet has a unique quality that reflects the occasion of remembering those we've lost.In keeping with the theme of remembrance, Memorial Day is also a great time to watch movies that capture the sacrifice men and women have made on behalf of their country. For those who fought in World War II, there's no better depiction of the ordeal soldiers went through than Saving Private Ryan. This landmark film can be seen as part of a special World War II Collection that includes the films the Price for Peace and Shooting War. It makes a great gift for Father's Day, too.

Pork Chop Hill is perhaps the best film ever made about American soldiers in the Korean War. The same goes for Platoon and Full Metal Jacket when it comes to the Vietnam conflict. As for the more recent wars in the Middle East and gulf, Courage Under Fire is a complex drama that offers a rare portrayal of female heroism in combat. And then there's Jarhead, a film that exposes the personal and psychological struggles of Marines before and during the first Gulf War. All of these excellent films can be rented through Netflix.

So enjoy your holiday, and don't forget the men and women behind this great day of remembrance.Copyright 2006 Find Your Prosperity.com.For more stories like this, visit http://www.


.Noel Brinkerhoff is founder of http://www.FindYourProsperity.

com He is a nationally-published writer specializing in journalism and screenwriting whose stories have appeared in the California Journal, San Jose Magazine, State Net Capitol Journal, among others.Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Noel_Brinkerhoff.


By: Noel Brinkerhoff

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