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Never Trust a Human

Have you ever heard some say jokingly; Well, who can you trust? Interesting comment indeed, and that deserves an answer and the answer goes something like this; Trust No One and never trust a human. Of course as much as that is a true statement one really cannot live their lives under those terms and we must at least trust our spouse and family.Yet we all know that 70% of marriages end in divorce so it might be hard for someone to argue that they can implicitly trust their spouses, sure they think they can or believe they can, which is a good thing, but in hindsight we see that the reality of the situation is that they really cannot.

Now for those of you who are reading this and say; Oh how sad I feel so sorry for the writer of this article.I would like to say to you that I do trust my family, however I am a realist and believe that intellectually one must face reality. And I can also say if you are reading this article chances are I would never 100% trust you and that is not to say that you cannot be trusted, it is to say that it is not worthy of risk to find out.

Human Beings are inherently deceptive by nature and obviously by nurture, experience and observation as well. Is that good or bad? Well one could say it is not so great, but perhaps there is a reason for it from a genetic or evolutionary standpoint.Nevertheless, if you never trust a human, you will never be let down and if you trust all humans you will be burned so perhaps it is all relative and you can choose your level of comfort? Consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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