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Out With The Old In With The New

It seems that most people are in a state of want. They want more money, more stuff, more time, more love, more space, more respect, more you-name-it. Then, when they do get more of whatever they want, they enjoy it just briefly, and then return to the wanting of even more.I know we all like to think that we're above this. We like to think that it's "other people" who are like that, and sometimes we're just a little bit sanctimonious. However, it is okay to want something.

Certainly the old adage to appreciate what you have is good advice. But you can appreciate what you have while working towards more.However, accumulation for its own sake is not a good thing.If there is something that you want more of, take a look at your life. It may be that there is simply no room in your life for whatever it is you're trying to attract. You may need to release something back to the Universe to make room for something new.

For instance, I know a woman who always wanted to learn to play the piano. She always put it off and made excuses about why lessons were impractical. One would think that if she wanted to learn badly enough, she would have simply bought a piano and found a teacher.

But sometimes we rationalize why we can't have what we want the most.Quite unrelated to this was the fact that she hated her living room furniture. Her furniture suite was an antique set that had belonged to her mother, so she felt compelled to keep it. Finally, she admitted that the furniture dragged her down. Frankly, she and her mother never got along, and the furniture always reminded her of her oppressive childhood and her fussy, opinionated mother.

On an impulse, she sold the furniture. Afterwards, she panicked and wondered if she had done the right thing.Only a few days after the furniture had been removed, one of her co-workers asked her if she knew of anyone who wanted a spinet-style piano, about 30 years old, and in good condition.

A friend of her co-workers had just been transferred overseas and needed to get rid of major possessions quickly.She purchased the piano for a ridiculously low price, found a teacher, and has been taking lessons for over a year now.She now believes that she had to get that furniture, and symbolically, her mother, out of her life before the piano could come in.Is there anything in your life, material or intangible, that is not serving you? It could be furniture or home décor that reminds you of someone you don't like. It could be a relationship that drains you. It could be a volunteer commitment that is becoming wearisome.

It could be a closet full of old clothes that you think you'll wear again someday. It could be a job that has run its course.Whatever it is, try clearing it out of your life. You might be surprised at what good things find their way to you, once room has been made for them.

.Holly Zenith believes that nobody should work in a livelihood they don't like! For inspiration and ideas on finding and following your ideal path, sign up for her mailing list at http://www.


By: Holly Zenith

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