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Personal Responsibility is the Benchmark for Artist Success

You know you have talent. Your inner voice repeats the message that you're intended to create art. You heed the call, create the work then you sit around waiting for success.

It's important to look at how you make decisions and evaluate how past decisions have or have not worked to your benefit. You need to take responsibility for your success!.Do you take responsibility for both the creative and business sides of your business? How have you committed to creating a viable business strategy? Business success is made up of two journeys; one inward and one outward. The outward journey is clear-cut; create a business plan and follow-up with tasks that will allow you to achieve your goals.The inward journey is often more difficult and intimidating.

It requires you to ask difficult questions and mandates honest answers often bringing you face-to-face with the gremlins that derail your success. The derailment pushes you to notify the gremlins that they may have a voice in your life; they do not get a vote in the decisions and actions that propel your life forward.If you're struggling with these gremlins get support. Enlist the help of family and friends; a mentor, therapist, coach or trusted members of your artist guild. Stop stuffing the gremlins in the closet. It's important to expose the gremlins for what they are; unsubstantiated saboteurs.

Reclaim your power and move forward in claiming your success.When you embark on this inward journey what you uncover will not always be pretty. Having the capacity to look and see what's growing under the rock takes courage. The interesting thing is that you're already having those conversations about inadequacy and incompetence so why not expose them.

When we expose the negatives to the light they dry up and disappear because we consciously make the decision to extricate them from our lives. Gremlins don't like to be exposed because they feed on your insecurity and the myths you buy into about being an artist.How many times have you had someone ask, "When are you going to get a real job?" This question sets lots of negative self-talk in motion and yet we don't set boundaries with people. Can it really be that the profession gives others a pass to make comments that derail you from success? Is it possible that because you never received "the talk" about being an artist that you don't understand that it may be difficult but this is what you're meant to bring forth to the world?.It's possible that you haven't had the right environment to foster your inner artrepreneur. Imagine being with others that are working toward creating art and being supported by their art? That's why community is so important.

When we team up with others who want similar goals we create a powerful alliance and that synergy propels everyone to success, but you have to take the first step and find your people.By George Katz.

.Greg Katz is a national juried artist and the owner of the Artist Success Studio, a virtual community focused on transforming "Successful Artist" from oxymoron to declarative fact. Greg can be reached at 720-851-6736 or his website at http://www.gregkatz.


By: Greg Katz

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