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Protest Illegal Immigrants Rights in France

Well we all know that the French will use just about any excuse to riot and cause a scene; they feel it is their God given write to run around and act like un-couth Peanut Gallery wannabes. And they do it so well, but others watch in dismay and cannot believe the smell of the crowds as they torch cars, buildings and demand free benefits and more stuff from their government. It was interesting to learn that the other day they had some 11,000 French People protest Illegal Immigrants Rights in France?.I believe that they are nothing more than Copy Cats of the United States Protests on illegal immigrations.

You know recently I noticed my Two Buck Chuck Wine is way better than the French Stuff. No wonder they have been draining their bottles to make Molitov Cocktails to torch cars during riots, this also provides jobs because someone has to remake all those cars? Don't you just love Socialism? YUK! You actually call that a civilization, No thanks.One has to wonder is France even a viable civilization at all? Some swear that it is but from what one sees from mere general observation it does not appear to be worthy of conversation and probably should not be listed in the grouping of on-going first world nations, as it clearly does not belong in such a category. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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