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Reiki Receiving Direct Love from God via the Palms of Christ

Reiki is "energy" from a higher source that has a wisdom of its own. It is described as something that already knows where to go and what to do once allowed into the human's energy field.Humans have known since time began that there is a Great Spirit, Guiding Intelligence, God, Goddess, or some form of Greater Good that humans have been trying to define, reach, remember, go home to, discover, prove and secure for themselves.Those closest to this essence, from Jesus to successful Native American Healers, have known that every human has a latent, direct access to this Higher Energy, and these people's gift to humanity was/is to help them access and remember that connection. Those who would abuse this knowing may say that they, and only they, have access to this Higher Energy, and anyone wanting to win favor with it must adhere to their rules.

It is said that Jesus channeled a Higher Power through his palms. He was not creating something new that before had not existed, but rather he was demonstrating something we can all access. He is further attributed to saying that all shall eventually do all that he has done, and even greater things.We can all activate our "palms of Christ," and we can all, during times of stress or for on-going well-being, have sessions with those who do energy healing to help us remember our inner connection and become reconnected from within again.Authentic Reiki attunements, Quantum Touch training, Therapeutic Touch training, and other successful, established energy methods have very good track records for restoring this ability, and are even entering hospitals and being taught to children.

While there are certainly frauds and delusional people, and shameful false "faith healers," just as there are those who misuse any career or human interest, there are also the occasional people born remembering this intuitively. But it is available to all, not just the "chosen" or "gifted.".Receiving and spreading love through Reiki or other forms of energy healing can begin to transform the outer world from within.(c) 2006 Barbara Adams.

.About the Author:.http://www.BarbaraBerstAdams.

com.Micro Eco-Farming: Prospering from Backyard to Small Acreage in Partnership with the Earth (New World Publishing) http://www.MicroEcoFarming.

com Founder/Minister of the spiritual non-profit World Grace Foundation (http://www.WorldGraceFoundation.org), offering energy healings free and for donation to help spread love and happiness to those who have "forgotten," from America to South African orphans.

By: Barbara Adams

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