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Relationships Why Do You Have A Partner

From what one reads in forums on relationships, it seems that most of the relationships manage to give more pain than joy after some time. The rise in divorce rates is an indicator to this. Why have relationship if that will give more pain than pleasure to both the partners? Don't you also ask this question? It is becoming so difficult to keep a healthy relationship that one feels that he/she is coming from one office to another office. Where is the home with freedom, acceptance and love?.

Relationships are becoming ego problems. Communication needs to be guarded. Wishes have to be taken care of. Sacrifices have to be made.

Individuality has to be killed. Compromises have to be made at every step. Even after making many compromises, the relationship may break.

One feels broken after making so much effort and find that nothing was of any use. It seems that either most of us are getting caught up with wrong partners or the break-ups occur very fast.When I watch children playing, birds flying and fish swimming so carelessly, I envy them.

We adults have lost all the freedom because of relationships. Most of us at least have lost a lot that was individual. Why have relationships if they are expected to fail.

Is it triumph of hope over reality as someone said? Even when we look around and find so many broken relationships, we tend to form new. After having repeated break-ups, we want more. Why do we do that, though we know that the result is more pain? What drives us to form new relationships? Why not live alone and enjoy the independence?.

.The author C.

D.Mohatta writes articles, advice and ideas at http://www.yourromanceguide.com/ on topics like love, dating, marriage, relationships, break-ups, etc.

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By: CD Mohatta

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