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RFID Tag Benefits for Rapid Food Recalls

Radio Frequency Identification Tags are going to save a lot of lives in the food industry. Generally 10,000 or more Americans die each year from food poisoning. It is probably much higher but we cannot always tell why older people with poor immune systems die or what the final cause actually was. Usually when the FDA rapid response teams recall a food item for e.Coli bacteria or salmonella poisoning, about 39% is recovered. But what about the rest of the food, which has left the food supply chain into shopping carts and onto the kitchen tables? The trick is to find it in the supply chain fast, as the food chain is constantly in motion and the average grocery store turns over 100% of its items 300 times per year.

This means few products sit on the shelves more than a few days.RFID tags will save lives as it will be much easier to track items faster and each store can run down the isles and pull those products and even key them into the register with an alert attached, stopping it from being rung up or even leaving the store you see. RFID tags in the food industry stand to save quite a few lives per year and that means another layer of protection for the American People.

This is why I believe that RFID Tag will benefit the FDAs rapid response Food Recall System and save lives. Consider all this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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