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The Pharmaceuticals the Food Industry and the Government They Are Still Lying To Us

If there were any doubt that the pharmaceuticals, the food industry and the govt. were lying to the public, you and me, about the ingredients they put in our food then that should be forever dispelled with this piece of information.It has now been discovered and publicly exposed that the meat industry is secretly gassing meat with carbon monoxide so that the meat remains a red color longer.Now you may ask why this is a problem? Carbon Monoxide is a poison, that's number one.

So, with this practice the meat industry is poisoning our food so they make more money and we buy meat that looks fresh, but who knows how long it has been sitting there waiting to be bought.They are putting a deadly chemical gas in the food and you are consuming it. It is causing you illness, sickness, and disease. All in the name of more money. Remember, it's always all about the money. You should be outraged.

This is happening because more people are demanding organic food.The following was taken from Kevin Trudeau, Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About which you can purchase from www.drclarkuniversity.org."When the food companies started seeing an increased demand in organic food they simply went to their lobbyist friends in Washington, paid the tens of millions of dollars in bribes to the politicians, and got the definitions changed of what organic really is. On October 26 the Agriculture Committee voted to allow the use of synthetic substances in products called organic! The law states, "Synthetic food additives and processing aids can now be used in organic foods without public knowledge.

" For example, dairy cows could be treated with antibiotics and fed genetically engineered food prior to being converted to organic production and still be called organic. This is why I state do not buy foods from publicly traded corporations. The Organic Consumers Association said, "Newly emerging organic industry giants such as Kraft, Dole, Dean Foods, Horizon, Whole Foods Market, Wild Oats, Aurora, Smuckers, and General Mills seek a streamlined expedited approach to modifying and weakening organic standards and allowing the inclusion of synthetic non-organic chemical substances in processed foods and still have the ability to call these food organic even though they are not. They are doing this to meet the booming public demand for organics." Remember, publicly traded corporations lie to you. They are only interested in making more money.

".In addition to what they do to our food and other body care products they also contaminate the entire health care industry:.The Journal of the American Medical Association published an article stating that medical doctors should consider ceasing and desisting from accepting bribes they are receiving from drug companies.

You see, most people don't know that doctors routinely accept bribes from Big Pharmaceuticals. Over $19 billion a year is spent by Big Pharmaceuticals bribing and influencing physicians. There is a great article about this at www.newstarget.com.

As a public we really need to stop this kind of behavior. It's dishonest; it's an infringement on our "right to know" and our right to health. We make a choice to eat organic and when we buy something with an organic label on it we can no longer be assured that it is indeed organic. And that's not right.

Soon, if we allow this to occur, what's next? They are already trying to take control of the internet and profit by removing more rights. Our society is becoming more and more like a fascist regime, if it's not there already. The Corporations are writing our legislation to remove any safeguards for the public and increase corporate profits, with a republican congress singing their praise.I hope we wake up before it is too late.And just as an aside; if you'v not checked this out or found it yet on the web the www.drclarkuniversity.

org , is an excellent resource for the cause and cure to almost all diseases. It's an amazing site and I urge anyone who cares about their health to check it out.


Michele Michaels has been active in raising awareness for alternative and natural methods of curing and treating all manner of illnesses.

By: Michele Michaels

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