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Transforming Friendship to a Relationship

Many married people will tell you that they were friends long before they started dating. Going from friendship to a relationship is a common thing, but is very risky as well. Many singles meet people through work or other social events and are friends before they get enough courage up to ask each other out. When you take a work friendship or another less intimate friendship and try turning it into a relationship, it often works well.

You will likely be comfortable enough with each other to trust you are making a good decision.However, when you try taking a close friendship and making a relationship out of it, you may be risking a lot. Most of the time, in these cases, either you end up with the greatest relationship in your life, or you lose a close friend. It is typically a make it or break it situation. So, before you go trying to make a relationship with someone you are truly close to, be sure you are willing to risk it for love.

Once you go forward with trying to create a relationship, there is no going back and no matter what happens, nothing will ever be the same.

.Our article on how Relationships among ABCD Friends is extremely common..

By: Peter Portero

Grain Marketing

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