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Understanding Reiki

Reiki: A Basic Outline.Before we get into the finer details of this method of energy healing, it would be prudent to first outline the basic details about Reiki itself.Reiki is a method of hands on healing that accesses a healing energy. This energy flows through the Reiki practitioner to the person receiving the healing.

A person becomes a Reiki practitioner by receiving 'attunements' and training from a Reiki master. A Reiki practitioner becomes a Master by working through and receiving the appropriate attunements for all levels of Reiki. The number of levels varies depending on the individual Master and their own training and beliefs.

Reiki was originally identified by Dr Mikao Usui a Japanese gentleman born in the mid 19th century. The original Western version of his story has since been disputed and largely discounted. What is known is that he was a life time student of Buddhism and spent some time studying in a Buddhist monastery devoted to healing and that practiced a method of healing that passed the healing gifts down from teacher to student via a series of attunements.Since the introduction of Reiki, different masters have redefined, split, changed, added to, and in other ways altered the original discipline.

Depending on who you speak to this is either a wonderful development or a tragedy. This will also be discussed further in a later article in this series.Defining the Word Reiki.Before delving into the depths of Reiki theory and practice, it is helpful to first understand that the word 'Reiki' can be defined in two different ways. One definition focuses on the methodology and attunements system that accesses healing energy. The other common definition is that of the energy itself.

The word Reiki itself actually comes from two words - 'Rei' and 'Ki'. 'Rei' is defined as 'Universal Life Force' and 'Ki' means 'vital Life Force energy'. So the definition of Reiki as the healing energy itself is valid. However, as Reiki healing is differentiated from other methods of energy healing (e.g., spiritual healing) by it's attunements and methodology, for the purposes of these articles, the word Reiki will be used to entitle the methodology and attunement systems of healing taught by Reiki masters.

The healing energy accessed via the Reiki system will be discussed and defined in the second article.The next article will focus on clarifying the system and attunements that define Reiki and the variations of healing systems under the Reiki name.


Daniella Breen B.Sc.(Psych), Master of Usui Reiki, Seichim Reiki, Kundalini, Gold, Etheric Crystal, Karuna Ki Reiki, Angel Intuitive (cert.). Daniella runs the on-line Shaman Goddess College http://www.shamangoddess.

com/nuke/index.php from where she trains students in several forms of Reiki. Her manuals and training always takes her students deep into the power and experience of the system they are working with.

By: Daniella Breen

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