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What is Enlightenment

What is the end of all need and want, all deprivations of the flesh, all hunger for fulfillment?.In a world marked by cruelty and death, where insecurity is the rule, and survival the game, how can one find peace, joy, and a fullness of life?.The answer is the same as when the avatars walked upon the earth and spoke of the end of suffering.Even to this day, the awakened and the awakening speak of the same.You know the answer?for you have heard it many times.

Yet no matter how often we hear it, we rarely ever understand it.The fault is not with you, but with your mind.For the answer is beyond the mind.It is in the pure experience of being yourself; a self that transcends any limitation of mind and body, emotion and circumstance; a transcendent self.Throughout time, human beings have hungered for this primal experience, the return to unitive consciousness, a recognition that all the ten thousand things are woven of the one thing that is beyond space, time, and the relentless force of causality.

Yet the world is a distracting place?as the bard once said, "full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." And it is indeed the most difficult of tasks to find the way home to one's own true self, that which does not transact with limitations of any kind.Behind the linear, is the non-linear. Behind form and substance, is that open essence that shapes and reshapes beings and worlds beyond number.There is no language for it.No symbolic representation.

All creeds, beliefs, and systems, and even the most well-woven and abstruse philosophy cannot capture it.It is beyond the senses, beyond the mind, and beyond any interpretation of life and the world.Yet despite it's silence and invisibility, it's always calling to you, urging you once again to capture the oceanic consciousness that is who you really are; and you will never stop your seeking, until you find it.In fact, it is the only reality. Everything else is but a shadow, ephemeral, elusive.

Enlightenment cannot be described; it can only be experienced.

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By: Saleem Rana

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