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Whose Reality am I in

Whose Reality am I in? Most people don't have a clue.I have been teaching Adult Education for over 20 years now. Mostly Mechanical Theory and Application for the first 12 years and now Computer Related and Digital Imaging Courses.In teaching the Theory, whether it be Mechanical, Electrical, or Hydraulics, one thing I discovered is that the Laws of Nature don't change.

and those Laws don't care how important you may be (or think your are) because they will apply themselves to every one and every thing in the exact same manner every time. That's why they are called "Laws" of Nature.Accepting that fact is the first step in what could be a miraculous change in your life. The Laws of Nature apply to everyone on this planet irregardless of Race, Religion, Age, Physical Stature, Political Position, Location, or any other factor that may indicate our place IN the world. What we need to accept is that we are ON this world and the "Laws" work.

every single time. without fail and without question.The most obvious example of this is Gravity. Everyone and Everything is affected by it in the Exact Same Manner.

We cannot change that fact.I have used the Laws of Nature to install theoretical "understanding" in the minds of my Students for over 20 years. And. those Laws have Never made a liar out of me yet. Once again I am thankful for the "powers that be" that have created those "Laws".Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, and even the lesser know Theologies of the American Indians ALL tried to explain some of those Laws in the language that was available and understood during those times.

Of course many people think ANY religion is a bunch of hog-wash. To some extent I think they are correct about Religious Doctrine but, hidden in each one of them (the Theology) are eternal seeds of truth. Science is discovering that fact. Scary thought isn't it. that Science is now saying that Religion is right in some of its teaching.

As a matter of fact those "truths" are applied to you even if you are an Atheist or Agnostic. Nature respects no man. Now where have I heard "that" before?.First let me explain what I mean by "truths".

I am referring to those that Science has proven to be valid. Those "Laws" that hold up to the scrutiny of investigation, verification, and duplication. After all, if it is a Law of Nature it must be able to be demonstrated in a manner that shows it works the same way every time.As a man thinks so is he. You are what you eat. What goes up must come down.

There are all sorts of sayings that we are aware of that point to Laws of Nature. And. they all contain "seeds" of truth. "So what" you say. Well, if you really understand those Laws you can make use of them. You can change things using "Laws" that are infallible.

"Laws" that work every single time you apply them. "Laws" that your are entitled to use. That's right.

you have a RIGHT TO USE THESE LAWS.WOW! I want you to really think about that last statement. You have a Right to use these Laws of Nature. Of course you also must Obey the Laws of Nature as well. You might get away with breaking Mans Laws but you won't get away with breaking Natures Laws. Understanding that will give you abilities that you never dreamed you could attain.

The first "Law" covered will be "as a man (or woman) thinks".What you think is actually what controls your life. "As a man thinks" is based on the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction states that Like attracts Like.

And that has been proven Scientifically many times over. Understanding that Law will first of all explain why you are where you are today and second, explain how to get to where you want to be in the future.We see this Law applied (demonstrated) every day of our lives. We even react to it. without realizing that there is "Law" that is causing us to do so. We, all of us, seek out those folks that have similar interests, similar likes, similar appearance, similar beliefs, and even similar processions.

Think about it. You DO that don't you? Of course you do.The thing about this law is that it applied to "things" as well as people. I'm nuts you say? Well, I may be, but the statement I just made is true.

That is one of the reasons Gravity works. Mass is attracted to Mass. OK, some genius just said that's not true all the time because in Magnets the law is Opposites attract.

Well, that is true but the first law is obeyed first Magnets attract Magnets. Sometimes we say opposites attract in relationships. you know. boys like girls, or at least it used to be that way. But even at that level the first law is obeyed first.

Opposite sexes are attracted to each other because of similarities first. Sex is just icing on the cake for the much stronger (and longer lasting) emotion of love as far as I am concerned.Let's explore "as a man thinks" more deeply. You've heard the saying "If you think you can, you can, and if you think you can't you can't. either way you are right" haven't you? Well guess what.

it is TRUE. Thoughts have POWER. More power than you ever imagined. Nothing, absolutely nothing would exist without thought first being manifested. Again. nothing would exist without thought first being manifested.

What you think creates your reality. Not what Fred, Jane, or Oscar thinks. it's what YOU think. That's what creates Your World. There was a line in the movie Thunderdome with Mel Gibson in it although he didn't speak the line.

It was "Remember, no matter where you go, there you are". That is so true. It's not talking about what we see in the mirror. It's referring to all the other "baggage" we carry around with us in our minds. As we think therefore we are.

And moving to a new house, City, or Country is not going to change any of that. That has to be changed from the inside. not the outside.Brother Dave Gardner also said something on one of his record albums years ago.

Yes, a record album. One of those black round things with tiny grooves in it that you placed on a machine with a long arm having a needle in the end that rode in the grooves and made noise out of the machines. speakers. I am that old. Kids now days haven't ever seen one of those things. They think a "record" is a file the police have on them.

Anyway here is what he said on his album."Let them that don't want none. have memories of not getting any".

I just love that quote. It applies to all aspects of life, not just to what he was referring to in his skit.As a man thinks.

if you think you don't deserve success then you won't get it. If you think you don't deserve to be loved then you will either drive love away or refuse to accept it. If you think you are stupid then you will do things to prove that is true.BUT. if you think you deserve success you will find it. If you think you deserve to be love you will love and be loved.

If you think you are intelligent you will become intelligent.Why. because it is a LAW OF NATURE.

As a man thinks so is he. And You can't stop that law from manifesting itself in your life. Think bad things - get bad things, think good things - get good things. It IS that simple.

Now the Bad news.Simple doesn't always mean easy. Ouch. that sentence hurt.The Law is straight forward. Our problem is learning how to think correctly.

and learning how to un-think as well. We are thinking all the time. Consciously and sub-consciously. We can control the conscious thought easily.

It's the sub-conscious thoughts that make us or break us. I did find a course that explains these Laws of Nature and leads you by the hand step-by-step through the understanding of them. Remember I said Thoughts have power. Thinking becomes reality.

Thoughts call upon the "Universal Powers" and then create whatever that thought is. Fact. not fiction. All the great leaders know (or knew if they are passed) that fact. They didn't doubt it for a moment. The Truth about Mind Power Mind power is such a misunderstood topic that it's not surprising that many people have a lot of misconceptions about mind power.

Few people really understand what mind power really is, and there's a lot of mis-information & urban legends out there in the web.To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe.Mind power is about using the power of thought - your thoughts and beliefs - to manifest your reality.

It's beyond positive thinking, although positive thinking does play a large part in harnessing your mind power.Mind power involves using the power of your conscious and subconscious mind to manifest your reality and learning to use your brain waves to get into the most productive and optimal state of mind to achieve your goals.It's about understanding how to clear your mind of all negative, self-defeating and dis-empowering thought patterns and, at the same time, install new attitudes and thought patterns to take the right actions and steps to achieve your goals.Simple as it sounds, that's the secret behind the teachings of many spiritual teachers and eastern philosophies.In fact, many self-help techniques are actually based on the same understanding of how the mind works. Whether it's brain wave entrainment, Silva Mind Control techniques, subliminal messages, hypnotism, subliminal tapes, meditation, creative visualization or even subliminal software, all these self-help techniques are actually quite similar once you understand how they work.

That, my friend, is what mind power is really all about. - Dr. Robert Anthony You can find links to Dr. Anthony's work at my Website.

Enjoy, Layard.

.I am a retired Adult Education Instructor with a few articles posted at http://freewebs.com/gstream and a new Blog at http://blogs.


By: Layard Dunnett

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