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Why You Do Need a Spiritual Master

The First Challenge on the Spiritual Path.Let me be honest with you. It took 25 years to get the answer of my first big dilemma: Do I need a Master on my spiritual journey? And finally I got it. One year later I realized that the answer was wrong.

Keep on reading. That may save you a quarter of a century.My first decision about the spiritual Master was: I don't need a Master. I am a grown person and I have all the power and knowledge to complete my spiritual journey alone.

I was so proud that I got it. The next big question was: What should I do next? It took me another year to get to the point that I need somebody to tell me what to do.There are thousands of spiritual teachings out there. You need another life just to make a decent research and choose one of them.

You need that path to be the best of all paths, too.When it turns out that I cannot accomplish that research within my lifetime, I got into very deep depression. That was shocking revelation. I was completely devastated. What I didn't know by that time is that it is a step, every seeker has to go through in order to be prepared to meet the Master. When you are down and your ego surrenders, then the Master appears.

When the disciple is ready the Master comes. It is so beautiful said but it is so difficult to get there.If you are drowning down in the middle of the swamp how you can expect to save yourself by pulling your hair with your hands. It is against the law. It is insane to even think of it.You need a hand of somebody who stands on a firm ground.

The Master is going to pull you out, wash you out and show you the way. Then He is going to walk next to you and from time to time lift you on his hands to save you.You needed somebody to teach you how to walk, how to write, how to put your socks and shoes on while moving on that physical level. How can you expect to complete your spiritual journey without a teacher? Do you want to put it on risk by entering the completely unknown planes being absolutely blind?.

When you go on a mountain climbing and you don't know the paths there, you follow somebody who knows them. You do not go without a guide because that can put your life in jeopardy.There are billions of paths on this planet and there are billions of times more paths on the spiritual planes. No one can choose the right path without somebody who has walked the path and has reached the final destination.So, the answer of the first big question in front of the spiritual seeker is: You do need a Master to reach your final goal.The Master will give you:
? the answers of all your questions,
? the goal,
? the path,
? the system,
? the practice,
? the guidance and
? the support you need 24/7.

.Without the hand of the Master you are going to waste that life again and again and again.Do not worry if your ego rejects completely the above. It may take you some time to grasp it. If that time is less than a quarter of a century, than you are doing better that me.Feel free to read that story again and look for the next step: How to Recognize the Real Spiritual Master.

Teo Gee.

.You want to learn more about that? Get your FREE course and many other incredible lessons from the link below: http://www.TheSecretTeachings.com.

By: Teo Gees

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