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Yoga as an Aid to Bust Stress

Stress is a physical and psychological condition that demands more from the body. Under these conditions a variety of changes happen in the body the increases the hormonal reactions to meet that demanding situation. A stress busting therapy should be able to cope up with the physical and the psychological needs of our body.Yoga is the best remedy for beating stress in your daily life. Yoga has a lot of postures, breathing exercises and meditation that helps you to beat stress from your daily life. Lot of asanas are available in yoga for reducing stress.

You can use these asanas to deal with stress. Yoga promotes self-awareness and during the process it helps you to deal with stress in your day to day life.It was practiced traditionally in the eastern countries and now it is picking up in the western countries. Understanding the benefits of yoga, now many companies are sponsoring yoga courses for their employees. The workers who are practicing yoga are more relaxed and hence their productivity is increased. Moreover they are more healthy and creative.

This has driven more and more companies to go after yoga for their employees.The techniques in yoga that are used to relieve stress include controlled breathing, physical movement, stretching, mental imagery, and meditation. Combining all these in the yoga practices enables the person who is practicing it to beat stress. With regular practice of yoga you can unite your mind, body, and spirit.

Although it is used in the earlier days for spiritual transformation, now you can use it to beat stress and have a good physical being.There are many benefits of practicing yoga. Some of the benefits are reduced stress, cure from diseases, lowering the blood pressure, spiritual growth, sense of well being, reduced anxiety, increased flexibility & strength, relieved asthma and allergy symptoms, slowed aging process and sound sleep. It is sure that you get more benefit than the effort that you put in practicing yoga.

In practicing yoga there are poses that serve in the form of exercises and there are poses that are done for purely spiritual purposes. The poses can be done faster in some exercises, while in some they are done slowly with a breathing process in them. Both the types have their own benefits.

Among the numerous benefits that you get out of yoga stress relief is just one.You need to spend some time daily or on alternate days to practice yoga. You have to do them properly and for that it is better to learn yoga from a master who is good in yoga.

Although it can be practiced on your own, we may not be sure about the correctness of the poses that we do. Hence initially it is better to learn from a master and then practice it at home when you find some time. Some people may have physical limitations to do some poses. Regular practice of yoga gives you an psychological edge over others who are not practicing it.There are pill and herbs available in the market that are used for stress reduction in a person. Although you can go for this option, yoga is the best method as it gives you other benefits when you do stretching exercises, breathing exercises, meditation and guided imagery.

Moreover practicing yoga requires commitment and effort to do it regularly and to get the benefits out of it.You can do yoga after a hectic day at office or after a busy weekend. This would relax you and relieve you off your pain. There are different kinds of poses in yoga that can be used to relax you. You can perform a simple search in the internet to locate the websites that give you information on the different poses that are used for stress reduction.

Books and videos for reducing stress through yoga are also available in the market. You can make use of these and practice yoga postures that are given in it. It is always better to find a teacher who can teach you the poses properly. You can find out a yoga studio in your locality using the internet.

There are many sites that lists down the courses offered at different locations. You can use these websites to find out one that is near your locality.


To learn more about various yoga exercises and to stay fit visit simple yoga exercises to stay fit. Signup now at yoga beginners guide and get your free copy of the best selling ebook titled "A Beginner's Guide to Yoga".Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Balajee_Bashyaam.


By: Balajee Bashyaam

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