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The Dark Side of Beauty - A number of women have said that it can be a liability, and a new article says that ?very attractive kids may grow up to be insecure adults, especially if they were praised solely for their appearance.

Spice Racks Add a Little Spice to a Kitchen Organization - Spices are the spice of life, so to speak.

Senior Dating How To Find A Date - Senior dating is a challenging subject as more people live longer and expect to have a social life.

Bill and His Drill - Bill wanted a drill.

What To Do If Your Dating Partner Becomes Cold - Have you ever had this experience? You have dated some body few times.

Dating After DivorceSome Things to Think About - If you are recently divorced and are thinking about entering the dating world again there are some things you need to think about.

Seasons of Our Lives - Lately, I've been vividly reminded of the ever-changing seasons of our lives -- changes in the lives of friends and family, and also in my own.

Have You Saluted the Sun Today - A wonderful way to start the day is with yoga and a "salute to the sun".

The Epitome Of Success - I?d like to share an insight into how to create or amplify success in your life.

Protest Illegal Immigrants Rights in France - Well we all know that the French will use just about any excuse to riot and cause a scene; they feel it is their God given write to run around and act like un-couth Peanut Gallery wannabes.

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