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Grain Marketer brings you helpful articles and smart resources geared towards the latest grain market news, trade statistics, analysis and world production estimates for the international grains industry.


Secrets To Saving The World - Do you know your vocation or calling? Do you spend anytime seeking meaning and purpose?.

Practical SpiritualityDealing With The Fear - Greetings once again.

RFID Tag Benefits for Rapid Food Recalls - Radio Frequency Identification Tags are going to save a lot of lives in the food industry.

Emotional Freedom Flying on the Wngs of Selfconfidence - Do you have a little voice inside of you that is telling you that there has to be something more in life? Do you feel empty inside; hungry for a little something to make you feel ALIVE? Most of us go day to day feeling this empty, lonely, unsure.

What Chair Yoga Teachers Need to Know About Teaching Seniors - Liz Franklin has taught chair yoga to seniors for several years now, so she really knows what to expect when leading a class for the 50+ crowd.

The Great Mexican Deportations - When I was born in January of 1932, another great event was taking place.

Emotional Growth It Begins as a Holistic Process - Holistic Specifics and BodyMind Connection believes that the personality is developed as the EGO develops.

Taking Your Kids With You On Dates - Although it seems inappropriate, sometimes taking your children on dates with you is an important step in your relationship.

Concept of God - Whether you deny that God exists, or are active in promoting his cause, it depends on your concept of him.

Mommy and Me Yoga Benefits for Life - What can children and parents gain from practicing Yoga together? When should I start teaching Yoga to my son or daughter? What about Mommy and Me classes? Let?s cover a bit of ground, and establish some realistic expectation for parents and ch.

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