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Transforming Friendship to a Relationship - Many married people will tell you that they were friends long before they started dating.

Big Waves and Terrorists in Caves Controlling Your Fear - Every time we pick up a paper we see some article that points to some major problem in the world such as an Earthquake, Tsunami, International Terrorism, Y2K (yah remember that one?), Bird Flu, Iranian Atomic Bombs, Identity Theft, Homosexual Club.

Embrace Change - Most of us resist change.

Lovers After Marriage Do They Change - This is the question that many people ask themselves over and over again.

How To Make A Woman Desire You More Sexually - It's a known fact that men, on average, think of sex more often than women do.

What Is Self Esteem - Self esteem is a familiar term that is used, but what exactly does it mean?.

SPRING The Season of Sex - It?s in the air ? the birds are whistling at each other, the flowers are blossoming; the entire natural world is putting on the Ritz and looking for action.

Never Trust a Human - Have you ever heard some say jokingly; Well, who can you trust? Interesting comment indeed, and that deserves an answer and the answer goes something like this; Trust No One and never trust a human.

Who Do You Say I Am - "What do you think about the Christ?" (Matthew 22:42); "But what about you? .

Congratulations How Do They Help Us - Congratulating everyone for any achievement has become a norm.

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