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Sexy Surprises for the Woman in your Life - It?s amazing what a well chosen bouquet and a few scented candles can do.

Why You Do Need a Spiritual Master - The First Challenge on the Spiritual Path.

I Will Tolerate You but Respect Must be Earned - Many people demand respect, but how can you give respect to someone you don't know.

Birds Farm Animals and Even Snakes Can Predict Earthquakes - It is widely known that animals pick up precursory signs of impending Earthquakes, but what do they know that modern many in our civilization inundated with information seem to have forgotten? Has mankind grown so far from nature that he can no lo.

Does Your Bra Fit Find the Right Size for Your Body - Unless you know your proper bra size, you could be wearing the wrong undergarment.

Freedom From Bondage It is Your Choice - Copyright 2006 Marshall House.

The Power of Positive Thinking Part - Welcome to the bridge of Manifest life.

MexicanUS Relations and the Reality of Illegal Immigration - It is widely known that positive relations with a neighboring country or Nation State are extremely important and of course desired as well.

Never Give Up Never Surrender - I got the biggest surprise when I rented the video, ?Galaxy Quest,? starring Tim Allen.

Overcoming Rejection - Now that I have had a chance to swim a few laps in the online dating pool, I am cogitating another one of Karen?s crackpot theories of life.

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